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My name is jc and I’ve been a guitar enthusiast most of my life. In fact, I still remember my very first guitar which was a Gibson Les Paul copy in the late 70s. From then on I collected and traded guitars. I collected everything from dreadnought acoustics to the glam rock Ibanez’s of the late 80’s through to Martins, Fenders and everything else. I even traveled to the tropics of South East Asia to hunt down the best acoustic guitars they had there. So, there you have the proof – I’ll be actually knowing a fair bit about what I’ll be talking about on this site or at least I can lead you in the right direction for any specific information.

Travel for Highend Guitars

I have traveled to the tropical islands of Asia to find rare handmade guitars

These are some of the most comprehensive guides I’ve created to help newbies and enthusiasts alike to choose different types of high-end guitars. Everything is covered, whether electric or acoustic, accessories, and musical related stuff:

Shopping for top quality highend guitars is also going to be much easier after you spend some time at Highend-Guitars.com. The website is a top source for people buying the best guitars from around the world and true guitar lovers that appreciate the finest quality guitars I showcase and bring to their attention.

Guitar Playing

With the right guitar, learning to play better is much easier

Whether you are looking for quality acoustic guitars from legendary guitar makers like Martin and Taylor or you are looking for a special electric guitar from Gibson or Fender, I believe I bring  together some of the finest instrument reviews and buying guides you will find anywhere.

Sourcing the Best Guitars

I often source out some of the finest high-end guitars from around the world and then add them to the buying guides so you can see all of the best guitars on the pages. Once you find that perfect guitar you can then proceed to purchase it from the manufacturer or online music shop where it is sold and sometimes I can also show you where to go for that if possible.

I also make it easier for you by spending time at places like Amazon and other well respected places where one can buy quality guitars to see if the higher end guitars I mention are available for you all.

My website Highend-Guitars.com also brings you up-to-date with guitar news and views on all things about highend guitars in our online guitar magazine. Enjoy your stay here and please tell your friends to check out Highend-Guitars.com too.

Comprehensive Highend Guitar Guides

These are some of the comprehensive highend guitar guides I’ve created to help newbies and enthusiasts alike choose different types of quality made acoustic or electric guitars, and related stuff:

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Everything You Need Here

No matter if you’re looking to purchase your first ever highend guitar, ways to improve your existing collection, or upgrading from a brand new guitar, I’ve got everything you need to know, right here, on this site. The most vital thing about purchasing any good quality guitar or related equipment is being clear about your exact needs. There are special instruments for special purposes (like live playing, indoor concerts etc.) for a reason.  This is because it seems that no one has ever come up with a single ‘good at everything’ kind of guitar that’ll help you cruise through different kinds of playing needs without hassles.

Rare flamenco highend guitars

I cover some really rare guitars

Prioritizing What Highend Guitar You Want

So, ideally, you should prioritise according to your most frequent use case. If you’re like Joe Satriani, and need to play live or record a lot, then a collection of top notch guitars should be the first thing you get. If you spend most of your time in your day busking, a great sounding acoustic is what you need more than anything else. If you want to play with soul, a vintage makes more sense. If you’ve got a passion for metal, an Ibanez could suit you best. You get the idea…

Highend Guitars Buying Guides

Once you’ve finalised upon a particular type of guitar, you can consult our buying guides on various types of guitars that I’ve already linked to, above.  After you’ve decided on getting a specific model, you could head over to a local store to get it from there if the price sounds right. A better idea would be to avoid the hassles and get it online at a website like Amazon. If you decide to get it online, it’s recommended that you choose a reputable place. Don’t just go with random online sellers because stories of fake replicas of popular guitars being sold by strangers online on bidding-type sites like eBay aren’t uncommon.

That isn’t to say Ebay is not going to be any good. In fact some of the best or rarest guitars will be found on Ebay. What I mean is if you can buy the same thing at a local or well-known store then the latter is a safer bet in most cases.

Passion and Enthusiasm for Highend Guitars

Here on Highend Guitars, I have a passion for good guitars, music and all things related. I’ve spent a large proprotion of my life trying out and reading about guitars. I think that justifies why I’m always looking to review new guitars as soon as they hit the stores. I also publish how-to articles, detailed reviews and general buying guides here on the blog. I hope you’ll find this place helpful and I can help you make a better decision about purchasing a guitar or any other guitar-related equipment.

Regards, jc